Compact Fridges By Daewoo, Danby Designer, EdgeStar

Compact Fridges By Daewoo, Danby Designer, EdgeStar

A compact fridge, otherwise known as a mini fridge is a vital piece of equipment for people who travel and go camping a lot. A compact fridge can help to keep your food fresh while you are on the road, and traveling outdoors. This article will talk about the best compact fridges in the market.

Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator (Model FR-044RCNW)

The Daewoo Retro compact fridge has a total storage capacity of 4.4 cu, and it is designed in an elegant and stylish manner. This Daewoo branded fridge is more than just a pretty looking piece of hardware. This compact fridge is made with CFC free materials, and is designed with durable materials so that it can be long lasting. The lighting featured in this fridge is LED, and the storage capacity is spacious enough to fit all your foods.

Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator

Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD Compact Refrigerator

The Danby compact fridge has plenty of useful features that make it a handy item to have while on your camping trips. Its capacity of 4.4 cu means that you will have plenty of room to keep your food frozen and fresh for a long period of time. This compact fridge is also energy efficient, and able to run for a long time while consuming very little power.

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EdgeStar CRF321SS 3.1 Cu. Ft. Dorm Sized Energy Star Compact Fridge

The EdgeStar branded compact fridge has a separate freezer compartment if you want to keep your food frozen. The reversible door and the adjustable shelf adds a lot of functionality to this fridge. It also has auto defrost setting to help you stay at ease.

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